What Dishwashing Taught Me About Being a Christian

I’ve worked a lot of part-time, entry level jobs in my day.  Many of them, you won’t find on my resume simply because they don’t represent the type of employment we tend to lead off with when trying to get that next promotion.  Nor do we consciously draw on them when preparing for a great task or intensive project.  However, as I think about them, I’m reminded of all they taught me about life, success, and people.  Here are just a few of them and their respective lessons on applying Colossians 3.17 (look it up!) to daily living.

Paperboy—My First Job

I got this job at age 12 because my dad “suggested” I do so.  Two decades later, and I’ve never been without a job since that cold morning he and I got up to roll our first papers and hit the neighborhood delivering goodness in the form of local headlines.  That job taught me: