Prophet, Priest, and King

One of my favorite ways to describe Jesus is through his three historical roles of Prophet, Priest, and King.  In this post, I want to take a quick look at all three and then apply them to our leadership roles in Jesus’ church today.

As a prophet, Jesus taught and embodied truth.  He perfectly filled both roles of a biblical prophet: foreteller (stating future events; Jn 2.19) and forth-telling (declaring present truth authoritatively; Jn 14.6; cf. Dt 18.15).  As priest, Jesus lovingly intercedes on our behalf to meet every one of our spiritual needs (Heb 9.11-12).  As king, Jesus demonstrated power over creation through miracles (Acts 2.22) and the building of His church; He will return to rule all of creation (Mt 21.5; Rev 19.11-16).