How Does Salvation Work?

Two Short Videos on How God Saves Us

Ordering coffee at Starbuck’s is a complex process packed with a bunch of micro decisions–each of which requires a level of coffee knowledge far beyond anything our grandparents possessed.
Still, millions of people successfully do it every day.

There’s a spiritual lesson there: if we can train ourselves to navigate the Starbuck’s counter, then we can also train ourselves to use a few theology words properly.

If I could pick only three words every Christian needs to have in their theological vocabulary, those three words would be: Salvation, Justification, and Sanctification.

Salvation = Justification + Sanctification

Because that equation describes how/where we’ll spend our eternity, there’s nothing more important than learning it and putting it to heart.  Hands down, it’s the topic upon which I’ve taught, preached, spoken, and written the most during my pastoral career.  Everything is connected to it.  Everything.

We can’t discuss anything without returning to one of those 3 topics in some way.  They are the end and beginning of our Christian experience.

So, I decided to make two short videos explaining them as best I could.

The first is a clip taken directly from a sermon preached at the Tinker AF Base Chapel titled “The Spiritual Health of the Warfighter: Be Ready, Stay Ready.”  It covers the specific, individual ways God redeems our spirit, then our mind/emotions, and finally our behavior.  I apologize in advance for the audio.  We (the federal government) are still struggling to procure decent AV equipment.

Audio-only version of this video

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The second clip is a follow-up talk I sat down to do a few days later.  I simply couldn’t post a clip about salvation without also addressing how forgiveness and holiness work hand-in-hand.

I’ve seen far too many Christians (myself included) rob themselves of the “joy of our salvation” (Ps 51.12) because we get this wrong.  Confusing forgiveness (justification) and holiness (sanctification) will leave you forever questioning your value before God.

Audio-only version of this video

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If this topic grabs your interest (great!), and you want to nerd-out further, I recommend purchasing a copy of Dr. Jack Cottrell’s “The Faith Once For All.”  This is a systematic theology book (teaches on the doctrines of the Christian faith).  Anyone seriously seeking God’s truth on a given matter will have a systematic theology close at hand.

Chapters 17-18 deal specifically with this topic.

In my humble opinion, Dr. Cottrell (who taught at my alma-matter, Cincinnati Christian University for 40 years) has published the finest systematic theology available today.  It’s both precise and readable.

From the Publisher:

“The Faith Once for All is a powerful and dynamic view on Bible doctrine. Doctrine is nothing less than food for the soul, nourishing and strengthening us within. Dr. Cottrell, utilizing his many years of experience as an author and teacher, provides a thorough and helpful examination of the Bible’s teaching on every major subject. This book is a valuable asset that will serve as the cornerstone of your biblical reference library.”


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