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As a pastor, one of the things that makes my heart sing is seeing people “feeding” themselves biblically through personal time in God’s Word.  With all of the free material out there, Christians can study the Bible with tools and resources unimaginable to even scholars and professors just one generation ago.  So, this will be the first in a series of posts sharing free or low-cost tools and methods you can use to grow in your understanding of the Bible.

If you’re going to study the Bible, getting a good study Bible is the first thing to do.  The second is teaming up (or at least having access to) some like-minded people who also want to know the Bible better.  This post will provide you both of those tools—free!

One of my favorite companies is Logos Bible Software.  I use their products to study the Bible every week.  They’re always giving away high-quality, easy-to-use content.  Such as, The Faith Life Study Bible (FLSB).

The FLSB is a free study Bible available digitally—via your web browser, smart phone, or tablet (even the Kindle Fire!).  It’s more powerful than any print study Bible you can buy off the shelf.  Why?  Because it’s packed full of interactive/dynamic resources:

  • Three layers of study notes
  • Pictures
  • Maps and infographics
  • Videos
  • Graphs and charts

And, it’s always growing.  Logos’ scholars and programmers continue to add free resources to the FLSB, so it’ll always have something new to teach you.

To get yours, simply sign up for a free account with Logos.  That’s it.  Your account will sync across multiple devices, so you can use your iPad to pick up studying right where you left off on your computer or iPhone.  If you’re using the web-based version (my favorite), you have access to approximately 10 of the best Bible translations out there today.  When you access the FLSB on a mobile device, you’re limited to one free translation.

personal bible study_t_nv

You can purchase additional ones for $10 each (those sync too).

It has one more bell and whistle that sets it apart from anything you’ve used before.  The FLSB was built from the ground up to interface with Logos’ free online Christian Community site, Faithlife (think: social media’s Facebook but without all the Farmville requests or broadcasted drama).  That means you can highlight a verse, add a question or comment of your own, then share that with the whole Faithlife community or any number of private “small groups” you’ve set up for you and your friends.  This enables us to gather around God’s Word anytime, anywhere.

That’s it: free, immediate access to the deepest, most enriching study Bible that’s ever been published!  If you sign up, be sure to find and “follow” me inside the Faithlife community.  I’m starting a public group where I’ll be sharing thoughts and notes that come from my sermon study each week.

I’ll see you in the Word!

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