Christianity 101

Spring 2016

I can still remember when I first started going to church.  As soon as the minister got behind the pulpit and started reading the Bible, I was lost!  I didn’t know the difference between the New Testament and the Old, if Moses and Jesus were brothers, or what to do with the bread and juice.  I needed a class like Christianity 101.

Whether you are brand new to The Faith, you’ve been a follower of Jesus for many years, or you’re just looking to broaden your horizon with knowledge of something new, attending Christianity 101 is an experience you won’t regret!


With 15 years of experience teaching this class, I’ve fine-tuned the material in anticipation of the most common questions and concerns.  Still, every week has built-in Q&A time.  You’ll be surrounded by people with the same questions you may be holding in, so there is no threat of asking a dumb question.  If you’re still worried, we’ll have an anonymous question bucket available online: just “drop the question in” and I’ll do my very best to prepare an honest and accurate answer.

Some of the ideas we’ll interact with are:

  1. Is it possible to actually know if God exists? Is there any evidence?
  2. Where did the Bible come from and how can I know if it’s to be trusted?
  3. What’s the difference between the Old Testament and the New Testament?
  4. Are Jesus and God the same “person,” or was Jesus simply a nice guy?
  5. Why are there so many “versions” of Christianity? What separates denominations and cults?

Through these topics and many more, we’ll cover the historical and theological foundation of the world’s largest religion.  This 10-week class is being offered at two different time slots during the week:

  • Sunday mornings from 0930 – 1030
  • Wednesday nights from 1900 – 2000

sign upThe material is presented first on Wednesday and then repeated on Sunday.  The entire schedule of dates and topics can be downloaded here.  Pick the time slot that works best for you or switch back and forth as your schedule requires.  Classes, programming, and childcare for the rest of your family will be available as well.

Registration isn’t necessary, but it would help us plan logistically (how much coffee, how many chairs, etc.).  If you’re able to sign up now, we’d greatly appreciate it.   The first 40 people to sign up will receive a free hardcover copy of “I am a Church Member”–a powerful primer to the life of a Christian.

Always learning,
-pastor bill

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