“Living the Dream!”

I used to wonder what that meant.  I heard people say it often, but I never knew why.  I do now.  If it’s possible to live a dream, that’s exactly what I’m doing today.

  • My wife is beautiful & smart & funny, and she smells like flowers.
  • My boys are healthy & active & confident, and they want to be like their dad.
  • My job is the one thing I’d happily do for free if it weren’t for mortgages and light bills and other grown-up responsibilities.
  • My parents have been married 30+ years, and they love me unconditionally.
  • My country is strong & free & brave, and I get to serve her in uniform.
  • My Jesus is alive & good & powerful, and He’s coming back to bring us all home.

The Healthy Pastor_std_t

If you don’t already know, I’m a pastor.  Specifically, I’m a chaplain in the Air Force and the pastor of our on-base chapel.

It’s a church where we love each other, we don’t pretend to be people we’re not, and we try to love Jesus more every day.

Every night I go home to Mesaeh Manor: a house that’s made a home by a beautiful wife and three super-cool boys.  Together we make up the FabFive.  Happiness for the FabFive comes in many forms: home-cooked meals on the table, Indianapolis Colts football, family time on Mesaeh Monday, homeschooling, “doing life” with our small group, serving our church, and watching The Lord of the Rings.

My goals in life are few.  I want to lead my family in a way that moves them closer to Jesus and improves the world around us.  I want to honor my parents and the memory of my late sister.  I want to build a church that brings people who were far from God near to Him.  And, I want my tombstone to say:

“After [Bill] had done the will of God in his own generation, he died and was buried with his ancestors.”  (Acts 13.36)

That’s the dream, and I’d like to live it with you!

For the King,
-pastor bill


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2 thoughts on “Bill

  1. You truly are blessed, and I am honored to know you. Congrats on your success, but even more, thank you for what you are doing.