Do not be deceived by Satan’s oldest lie:

“The way God made you is not good enough.  
You won’t be enough until ____________.”

Please reject that.  Take 2 minutes to watch this clip and exchange it for God’s truth.  Be encouraged.

This 90-second clip is taken from my recent (19 March 2017) sermon, “The Shield of Faith: Why Your Family Tree Needs It

For those interested, the entire message is available at 

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Knowing that William (our eldest) has “words of affirmation” as his love language, what better way to honor and praise him than through a video full of affirmation?  So, I  dug through our archives and pulled out one of the greatest literary masterpieces of all time: Dr. Seuss’, Oh, The Places You Will Go.

How many kids possess their own personal reading?–set to music?!

Hannah and I try to “catch our kids” in the act of doing something good.  By the grace of God, our children give us many opportunities to do that (and, yes, a few opportunities of the other kind as well!).  William is forever looking for ways to give of his time, talent, and treasure to those in need.

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If you haven’t read it (why not!?), please withhold your condescension.  Don’t let the rhyming and silliness and vibrant pictures fool you: this book is brimming with sound, earthy wisdom capable  of carrying us far into adulthood.  I offer you my favorite line from the entire tome:

I’m afraid that some times
you’ll play lonely games too.
Games you can’t win
’cause you’ll play against you.

What adult can’t relate to that?  Be it pride, depression, greed…the list goes on.

Through a book simple enough to captivate a child, the good Dr. Seuss also writes profoundly enough to touch each and every one of us.  His genius has no equal.

So, I got the book, went behind a closed door, and I read the entire thing into a voice recorder.  We then applied some voodoo magic of digital imaging and video editing software. [1]  The final product might not have impressed Spielberg, but it thoroughly warmed the heart of my son.

Mission accomplished.

Dads–be on the lookout for specific ways to reach your child’s heart.  Your return on investment will be immeasurable.



[1] Incidentally, this project caught on across all of Mesaeh Manor.  It won’t be long before we’ve all produced a “book set to movie” as an act of love and service to our fellow Mesaeh.  Stay tuned.


I recently had the honor of leading our chapel’s Ash Wednesday service. If you know me well, you probably realize how much of a stretch this was for me. No theological barriers–just something I’m not used to.

[confession: I had to do quite a bit of research about the litany of Christian holy days leading up to Easter. Coming from a guy who forever thought the Easter Bunny was the King of Spring, I’d say I’ve come a long way. Regardless…if you, too, need assistance sorting out the myriad duties Christians feel obliged to perform now that Jesus has freed us from the Law, feel free to check out the final 3 minutes of this video. It’s got a summary rundown of everything I now know on the topic.  I’m also working on a stand-alone video addressing Easter FAQs.  It’s certain to become an overnight sensation.]

Historic cross hanging at the front of our chapel

I don’t preach nearly as much as I used to–nor half as much as I’d like. But I think William (my 10-yr-old minion mastermind) and I devised a way to capture future messages with both video and sound.  So, to the both of you who haven’t yet grown tired of my voice…well, I’ll try to post more often.  Admittedly, today’s post is probably one of my more somber (perhaps even dry?) messages.  It’s hard to preach Psalm 51 on Ash Wednesday with a bounce in your step.

Going forward, I’d appreciate your feedback about this new video format. I’m experimenting with adding on-screen notes and Scripture references throughout the sermon’s entirety.

  • Is it worth it?
  • Does it pose more of a distraction?

Honest evaluations are cordially requested.

Audio-only version available below.


Prince of Peace


The world Jesus entered had a problem Roman Law, Greek philosophy, and Jewish religion couldn’t fix. The “Roman Peace” was not able to give people true, internal peace. Only a Savior could do that. The “Prince of Peace” Isaiah predicted came to give us peace WITH God and also the peace OF God.

Many of us are carrying problems and burdens God never intended us to carry. Listen to this message and learn how to accept the peace Jesus died to give us.


Audio Only Version


You Need a Bodyguard


How do we protect ourselves from slowly becoming the kind of person we hate?  This message teaches us the importance of setting good boundaries in our life–boundaries that will keep us as far from sin as possible this side of Heaven.


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A Theology of Prayer

Does every prayer get answered?  Does every prayer even get heard?  What about the prayers of non-Christians?  This 20-min video takes a brief look at Nehemiah 9 to pick up on some essentials for the kind of prayers that honor God:

  1. Prayer needs to be grounded in the Bible
  2. Prayer needs to be to the God of the Bible
  3. Prayer needs to be honest about our sin


Audio of the Entire Sermon


Repentance Gives us Hope


Repentance does give us hope, but only if we repent God’s way. This is a quick look at what repentance is NOT, followed up with the powerful healing we can hope for when we truly repent to God and then lean on one another for help and healing.

This is a clip taken from a sermon on prayer and repentance.


Audio of the Entire Sermon


The Most Unpopular Message in the World


Jesus wasn’t crucified for healing or helping people. Ultimately, he (and his cousin John the Baptist) was crucified because he refused to stop calling people to repentance.

Repentance is a decision to turn from our sin and turn to Christ. It’s the mission of every Christian until Jesus comes back.  And, it’s the key to a better life.


Audio of the Full Sermon