What is the Restoration Movement?

“Remember where you came from!” is something my parents told me when I was growing up.  Regardless of where I went in life, they wanted me to remember my heritage, our work ethic, and the values most important to our family.  That’s good advice, and it carries over to matters of faith.  With an influx of guests visiting DCC, now’s a good time to briefly answer a few questions about what kind of church this is.

What kind of Church is DCC?

DCC is part of the Restoration Movement, which is a non-denominational effort to restore Jesus’ Church to its original New Testament form.  We do not believe we are the only Christians, but we do elect to call ourselves ‘Christians’ only (Acts 11.26).  We do so out of a firm commitment to teach, do, and insist upon nothing except which is found in the Bible.  We have no creed but Christ and no book but the Bible.