I don’t like it when Christians treat each other as the enemy.  Most will say they don’t do that.  But—if we’re honest—we often expend more emotional energy thinking about a disagreement with a fellow believer than we do thinking about how to reach one more person for Jesus.  I really don’t like that.[1]  Actually, it makes me sad.  Here’s why:

We’re on the same team.  Followers of Jesus want the same thing: more Jesus.  We want more Jesus for ourselves.  More Jesus for our marriage.  More Jesus for our church.  More Jesus for our neighbors and our neighbors’ neighbors, for the mailman, the President, the President’s mailman, etc.  We all want more Jesus.  You know what?  There’s plenty of Jesus to go around.  I know.  He told me[2].

My prescription: decaf and the seventeenth chapter of John’s gospel.


Calm down!  It’s ok.  Jesus isn’t going anywhere.  There’s been a war on Jesus since Herod tried to kill him and all the other Jewish baby boys 2000 years ago.  Herod lost then, and he continues to lose today.  But, we suffer personal defeats when we get excited and start arguing about the wrong things.  The right things are laid out for us in the Bible.[3]  What do you do when you think your take on the Bible is more right than another Christian’s take on the Bible?  Drink decaf and then apply John 17.