Be Ready. Stay Ready.

Wearing the Armor of God's Righteousness

Everyone has had some version of that awkward dream where you show up to school or work without any clothes on.  It’s horrifying–for you and the people in your dream!  Psychologists tell us the dream is about vulnerability.  Our psyche is reminding us to properly prepare–lest we show up to algebra class without pants.  I don’t know much about dreams or psychology, but I do know I dislike being unprepared.


Christianity 101

Spring 2016

I can still remember when I first started going to church.  As soon as the minister got behind the pulpit and started reading the Bible, I was lost!  I didn’t know the difference between the New Testament and the Old, if Moses and Jesus were brothers, or what to do with the bread and juice.  I needed a class like Christianity 101.

Get a Free Study Bible

As a pastor, one of the things that makes my heart sing is seeing people “feeding” themselves biblically through personal time in God’s Word.  With all of the free material out there, Christians can study the Bible with tools and resources unimaginable to even scholars and professors just one generation ago.  So, this will be the first in a series of posts sharing free or low-cost tools and methods you can use to grow in your understanding of the Bible.

If you’re going to study the Bible, getting a good study Bible is the first thing to do.  The second is teaming up (or at least having access to) some like-minded people who also want to know the Bible better.  This post will provide you both of those tools—free!