Adoption Day Finally Arrived!

Gotcha Day (round 1)

After many years of prayers, Hannah and I felt called to the ministry of adoption.  (OK, Hannah has always felt called to adoption.  It took her a decade to bring me around.)  I finally agreed for reasons I’ll cover in depth via another post as well as a dedicated sermon (most likely on Mother’s Day of 2017).

For now, the short answer to: “why are you adopting 3 kids when you already have 3 kids?” is: the gospel.

Adoption is how I got into God’s family.  Jesus saw fit to irrecoverably adopt me into His eternal family.  For me and mine, it only seemed appropriate that we go and do the same.

So, we adopted.  Yesterday.  3 kids, which doubled the amount of little people who drink milk out of my fridge.

Yes–it raises myriad questions: What about your biological children?  Is there enough of you to go around?  Can you hold it all together when a family of 8 needs all of you–all at the same time?

Can I do it?


Thank God for Jesus Christ.  We wait to see what He has in store for us next.  Maybe it’s a family dairy cow to keep up with the steady milk demand?

OK…there are approximately 8,472 more pictures and 321 hours of video left to be shared.  I’ll get to it, but not today.  In the meantime, may I suggest you first watch the YouTube video provided?  It briefly tells “our story,” and it’s full of pictures (probably too many pictures, but…hey–I’m a proud father of 6 children.)  Yes.  I am now that guy.  “Hey, have you seen this latest picture of my daughter brushing her teeth?  Look at that up-and-down toothbrush action!”


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One thought on “Adoption Day Finally Arrived!

  1. as I wrote earlier, God Bless you both for keeping the kids together and becoming a FAMILY. all 8 of you look very happy. I have tears in my eyes as I am sooooo happy for your family. Both my kids (Sandi 43 and she was 8 days old when we got her) and Mike 40 and he was 19 days old when we got him. The years have flown by so fast. Your time will too so take LOTS of pic. You will never be sorry. Love ya and miss you very much. Sue