Adoption Day Finally Arrived!

Gotcha Day (round 1)

After many years of prayers, Hannah and I felt called to the ministry of adoption.  (OK, Hannah has always felt called to adoption.  It took her a decade to bring me around.)  I finally agreed for reasons I’ll cover in depth via another post as well as a dedicated sermon (most likely on Mother’s Day of 2017).

For now, the short answer to: “why are you adopting 3 kids when you already have 3 kids?” is: the gospel.

Adoption is how I got into God’s family.  Jesus saw fit to irrecoverably adopt me into His eternal family.  For me and mine, it only seemed appropriate that we go and do the same.

So, we adopted.  Yesterday.  3 kids, which doubled the amount of little people who drink milk out of my fridge.

A Trip that Will Change Your Life

Read the Bible in Living Color

Six years ago, I went on a trip that did more for my spiritual life than 8+ years of seminary.  I was part of a group of pastors who spent 10 days in Israel walking where Jesus walked.  We climbed the hills he climbed, breathed the air he breathed, and saw the same mountains he saw.  At every new site I heard myself saying the same thing, “I will never be the same again.”  On the flight back one of the pastors commented, “Until this time in my life, I’ve read the Bible in black and white.  Now I read it in color.”