Be Ready. Stay Ready.

Wearing the Armor of God's Righteousness

Everyone has had some version of that awkward dream where you show up to school or work without any clothes on.  It’s horrifying–for you and the people in your dream!  Psychologists tell us the dream is about vulnerability.  Our psyche is reminding us to properly prepare–lest we show up to algebra class without pants.  I don’t know much about dreams or psychology, but I do know I dislike being unprepared.

Regardless of the situation, being ready is always better than not being ready.  Nowhere is that more true than in warfare.  If your enemy has done more training and preparation than you have, your chances of survival are pretty slim.  For that reason, Paul pleads with Christians to prepare for our ongoing struggle “against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world” (Eph 6.12).  Our Enemy has had thousands of years to prepare for this fight.  We can’t afford to show up unprepared.

So, this is a sermon about being ready.  A crisis is not the time to start getting ready.  Once the race starts, it’s too late to begin training.  Nothing you plant this morning will be ready to harvest tonight.

Spiritual warriors are always ready.  We go to bed ready, and we wake up ready.  We’re always dressed for combat because we know the combat never stops.

What does that look like?  How do we “get ready?”  By putting on the armor of God.

When the dust settles, the ones left standing will be the warfighters who prepared by putting on God’s armor.

The US Air Force uses the concept of “Comprehensive Airman Fitness” to describe a warfighter who is healthy and resilient in four key areas:


The program is governed by AFI90-506 (Air Force Instruction).

This sermon is part of a series entitled The Spiritual Health of the Warfighter.  It was first preached to a military crowd on an active Air Force Base.  For eight weeks we used Paul’s spiritual warfare correspondence to answer one question:

What does “spiritual health” look like?


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